Other Fee

Charge Fee
Credit card charging fee 4% charged by payment gateway
*Can not refund
Currency exchange rate If you are using credit card, plaease refer to card issuer
If you charge by cash, you may find the exchange rate at our partner store.
*You must wire transfer to us with desire currency, we do not exchange for you and no refund service.
Storage fee JPY 0~
We provide free storage period, but will charge you after that, after maximum storage time, all items will belongs to us, no claim is accepted.
Each warehouse and pickup point with different free storage period, maximum storage time and storage fee, please find out here.
Special packing request Case by case
Trash items
Case by case
Tax Actual
No tax refund service
Courier charge Actual
Such as danger goods charge, out of delivery zone charge
Other request fee Case by case

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