Payment methods


Pay with your personal wallet that has been charged. For details on how to charge your wallet, please refer to the information below.

 Credit Card

Pay with the credit card you added in your account


*The deposit is only available for assisted purchase

Pre-authorize using the credit card you have added in your account. It will be officially debited or refunded after the order has been confirmed.

※ A pre-authorization will place the pre-authorized amount in a holding-state and temporarily reduce one's credit card limit, but it is NOT a transaction charge and will not be reflected in one's credit card statement.

※Within 7 days after the deposit(pre-authorization) is successful, it will be determined whether the items in the purchase order can be purchased. If it is unable to purchase, the credit card credit limit will be refunded.

Wallet charge methods


Use our cash recharge in our partner store, the exchange rate is determined by the partner store

 Wire transfer

Use of the target currency international remittance to our designated bank. If there is a bank processing fee, you need to pay.

 Credit card

To charge with a credit card. The exchange rate is determined by the card issuer and a 4% credit card charging fee will be charged by the payment gateway


-Please note-  

※The currency used for payment is the currency of the country where the "Origin Warehouse" is located. (shipped from Japan is paid in Japanese Yen)

※It is recommended that you add your credit card in advance or charge enough money to the wallet so that the system can automatically pay, and it can eliminate the complicated operation process and speed up the delivery of the package. 

※The assisted purchase order will be processed for you after the deposit for the total amount of the items (including tax) is paid, and the final payment will be automatically deducted from the wallet after the items arrive at the warehouse. (to return the overcharge and demand payment of the shortage)

※The payment gateway will charge 4% fee when using a credit card.

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