Assisted Purchase

As long as you register your membership and submit the information you want to buy, we will buy it for you according to the requirements.

After we received, you can consolidate with other package no matter how it's come from.

3 Simple steps

Step 1. Register

Register with us for free.

Step 2. Submit the items links and information

Login and fill out the assisted purchase form, then submit the URLs and needs of the items you want to purchase.

Step 3. Payment

A deposit for the total amount of the items (including tax) must be paid in advance after the form is submitted.

After receiving the deposit, we will confirm the purchase of the items within seven days, and will refund you if the items cannot be purchased.

After the items arrive at the warehouse, the final payment will be automatically deducted from the wallet. 

(to return the overcharge and demand payment of the shortage)

※About the payment methods please refer to "payment info" for details.

※If the wallet balance is insufficient after paying the final payment, it will be deducted to a negative number. You must first recharge to 0 or more before you can apply consolidation shipping.

Items arrived at the warehouse

Purchasing completed

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